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Painter in St Clair Shores, MI

If you need a high quality painter in St Clair Shores, you need Grosse Pointe Painters!


The quickest and easiest way to update the interiors and exteriors of your home or commercial building is with a fresh coat of paint. So when you need to transform your house or property in a hurry, Grosse Pointe Painters are here to help.


Sometimes it can be difficult to find skilled, experienced painters in St Clair Shores to fit your budget. But our painting crews are effective and efficient contractors who will get your job done right the first time. We have been proudly serving St Claire Shores residents for many years, offering interior and exterior painting for both homes and commercial buildings. We also provide St Clair Shores homeowners high-quality deck and fence staining.


Over the years, we’ve worked hard to build a reputation in St Clair Shores for being the city’s top painting service. Our painting crews are thoroughly vetted to ensure that they are skilled, dedicated craftsmen who take care in their work. We are committed to superior attention to detail and 100% customer satisfaction. Our skilled painting crews always go above and beyond to make sure that your St Clair Shores-area house or commercial building looks amazing when we’re done.


St Clair Shores home and business owners choose Grosse Pointe Painters because we work hard from start to finish. For every job, our painting crews begin by carefully prepping and priming the area, including protecting your furnishings and hardware. We use the best quality of professional painting supplies and ensure that every last detail is perfect.


As trusted, local painters in St Clair Shores, Grosse Pointe Painters deliver the best results, no matter what the job. We will make your home or business look great inside and out.

St Clair Shores' Best Residential Painting Company

Need to update your St Clair Shores home’s appearance? If the interior or exterior of your St Clair Shores-area home or apartment is dull, faded or dingey, a fresh coat of paint is the perfect solution. Call Grosse Pointe Painters to get your home looking brand new again. Whether you need outdoor painting, indoor painting, or deck and fence staining, Grosse Pointe Painters are here to help.


Our experienced painting crews have set the standard in the St Clair Shores area for exceptional residential painting services. We are proud to have a reputation in the city for high-quality interior and exterior residential painting that looks great and lasts a long time. What sets us apart from the competition is our dedication to 100% customer satisfaction. We will always go the extra mile to make sure you love the finished product.


This dedication to quality and customer service is why St Clair Shores homeowners prefer to work with us.  We do the job right the first time, so you can rest easy knowing your home will look good as new when we’re done.

Reliable, Quality Commercial Painting in St Clair Shores, MI

When it comes to a commercial painting project, you need a hardworking, skilled painting crew that you can trust to get the job done right, on budget and on time. In St Clair Shores, that means you need Grosse Pointe Painters.


As a business owner, your time is valuable. You can’t waste it looking for a sub-par painting crew that won't get the job done. Though it can be difficult to find a high-quality, efficient painting service in St Clair Shores, Grosse Pointe Painters are the ones to call. We make a frustrating, stressful process easy and simple. We do the job right the first time, so you don’t waste your time and energy. We’re reliable, plain and simple


Turn to Grosse Pointe Painters for exceptional commercial repainting services. We can take care of any of your commercial painting needs. We’ve spent many years offering commercial building owners in St Clair Shores the best painting services in the area. We do the word efficiently as possible without cutting corners or fudging the details. From careful priming and protecting the area to detailed finishing work, we’re focused on quality from start to finish.


So if you need a commercial painter in St Clair Shores call Grosse Pointe Painters today. We’ll have you back in business in no time.

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